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We have three testing centers in Mahe Island and one retail outlet only to sell Antigen or PCR Tests. The three testing centers are Eden Island Marina, International Airport, and “The Glass Building.” You can have your test in a private lounge in these locations. Buy your test at the retail shop in Beau Vallon Beach Mahe Seychelles.

Eden Island Seychelles

Eden Island Marina
Mahe Seychelles

“Have your test in a lounge over looking the Yachts on Eden Island Marina”

Eden Island Marina

Mahe Island, Seychelles
“The Blue Building” In between Bravo & Boardwalk Restaurants
Airport Seychelles

Seychelles Airport
Mahe Seychelles

“Have your test in a private lounge over looking the International Runway”
International Airport
In the Payanke CIP Lounge located just above the check-in counters at Seychelles International Airport.
Victoria Seychelles

Victoria (City Centre)
Mahe Seychelles

“Have your test in a private lounge in the heart of the Capital city of Seychelles”
“The Glass Building”
Maison Esplanade Floor 1, Below the Indian & Japanese Embassies and next door to Nouvobanq

Beau Vallon Beach
Mahe Seychelles

“Have your test in a private lounge at Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort Hotel”
Beau Vallon Beach
Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino Mahe, Seychelles

RT PCR Test Service

With International Travel Certification Document

  • Our Express Service - Results within 24 hrs *
    * Get the RT PCR test results in 24hrs for tests taken anywhere in Seychelles. This service is available at all hotels, guest houses, Villas or Private visits in Seychelles.
    €145 Or SR 2200

  • Our Express Plus - Results by 6am Next day* BEST VALUE
    * This is our best value PCR Test offer. You will get the test result by 6am the following day. This service is available at all hotels, guest houses, Villas or Private visits in Seychelles.
    €180 Or SR 2700
  • Our Fast Track VIP Elite Service - Results by Midnight Same Day * Special Benefits
    * Get the RT PCR test results by midnight same day. This package also gives you the following special benefits: You get a free upgrade for another PCR test if you need a retest after getting your result. This service is available at all hotels, guest houses, Villas or Private visits in Seychelles.
    €265 Or SR 4000
  • Our Children 5 - 12 Years - (Subsidized Price) Results within 24 hrs *
    * This service is available at all our clinics and at all hotels, guest houses,Villas or Private visits in Seychelles provided parents are also taking the test.
    €65 Or SR 950
  • Our Children 0 - 4 Years - (Subsidized Price) Results within 24 hrs *
    * This service is available at all our clinics and at all hotels, guest houses,Villas or Private visits in Seychelles provided parents are also taking the test.
    *Parents must be tested at same time.

Why go for an antigen test for travel?

Recently, the FDA sanctioned the first antigen test to diagnose infection with SARS-CoV-2. It is the virus that results in Covid-19. 

If you or your family ever had a rapid strep test, you would probably be aware of an antigen test for travel. Unlike other diagnostic tests for Covid-19 called PCR tests, the antigen test examines molecules on the virus’s surface. 

On the one hand, different types of PCR tests are expensive and need specialized equipment, and take hours/days to deliver results. In contrast, antigen tests can give results in 15 minutes at a lab or doctor’s office.

A few public officials expect to use the Covid-19 antigen test for widespread screening along with the screening of asymptomatic. Thanks to its speed and relatively low cost of Antigen test.

What does the RT PCR test mean?

RT PCR test involves a highly sensitive technique that can give an accurate diagnosis in some hours. If you compare it to other virus detection tests, RT PCR is relatively faster at delivering reliable results with minimum possibility of errors or contamination of samples. 

As of now, the RT PCR test is the most accurate way to detect for Covid-19 virus in your body. Getting the RT PCR means you don’t need to worry much as it has one more step added in its reverse transcription method than the regular PCR test

Health professionals detect RNA in the transcribed DNA for amplification since the Covid-19 virus consists of RNA. RT PCR effectively detects the virus. Not to mention, RT PCR price is affordable and available in many hospitals and private labs. You can search for a PCR test lab near me and contact us. 

How accurate is a rapid Antigen test?

As per a review conducted by Cochrane, the antigen tests correctly identify COVID-19 infection in an average of 72% of patients with symptoms than to 58% without symptoms. 

Rapid Antigen tests were most accurate if taken in the first week after one has the symptoms. In this case, an average of 78% confirmed cases showed positive antigen tests results. The reason is that people have the most percentage of the virus in their system in the initial days. Rapid antigen tests have correctly found 99.5% of people with symptoms and 98.9% without symptoms.

Some antigen tests can be accurate enough to replace RT-PCR if taken on people with symptoms. However, it’s beneficial only when one has to get quick results or if RT-PCR is unavailable. Antigen tests may help figure out outbreaks or identify people with symptoms for further testing with PCR tests. Not to mention, in people without symptoms, we want more evidence on rapid Antigen tests.

Why rapid Antigen test?

Rapid antigen test for travel determines if a person has been infected with the Covid-19 pathogen or not. The antigen exists in a person’s body if they have the virus, and it disappears after the treatment. 

One can get rapid Antigen test results more quickly than the RT PCR test. The best part is, the rapid antigen test is portable and can be done at the patient’s place. Some health professionals may recommend you to take a rapid RT PCR test if you have a negative antigen test result.

You can contact us, our team is present at the Seychelles airport for the sample collection. 

Explaining the difference between RT PCR PCR and antigen test


The RT PCR or Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction test is currently the most recommended one to identify the infection in people with influenza-like symptoms. This lab test contains a specificity rate that can identify people without disease by almost 100%. It can identify people with COVID-19 by 67%. If the lab technician does not correctly collect the sample, the result can falsely show negative.

The RT PCR test employs Real-Time Reverse Transcriptase (RT)-PCR Diagnostic Panels to discover viral RNA existence in your body. Then the swab samples are analyzed for reagents to find out the existence of the virus. This test can detect the virus even if a person doesn’t show any symptoms, thus preventing further infection.

Positive individuals should follow all COVID-19 protocols such as self-isolation, consuming medications, consuming healthy foods, etc.

Rapid Antigen Test 

 The rapid Antigen test for travel can detect symptomatic patients. It collects samples from your nose or throat with a swab. You may get the results within 15 or 30 minutes, but there are chances the antigen test result may not be accurate. This test may not scan the vital proteins of Coronavirus at the initial stages.

After taking a rapid antigen test, if you turn negative, healthcare professionals may ask you to wait for some days before confirming the presence of infection. If you have the symptoms of COVID-19, you better take an RT PCR test for accurate results.

Some doctors recommend taking the rapid antigen test with RT-PCR to rule out the possibility of infection entirely.

Who should get a PCR test at hotel, boat, or villa?

If you are planning to travel abroad from Seychelles, then you must get tested for Covid-19. Most of the countries will only allow entry for travelers if they produce a ‘Fit to Fly certificate. In order to gain that certificate, you must get an RT PCR test done, and its result should be negative.

Apart from people traveling abroad, those who have symptoms of Covid should also get tested. In such a case, we advise you to stay indoors and quarantine yourself. Schedule an appointment or a private visit service online at Seychelles Medical. Our team will arrive at your hotel, home, boat, or villa to take your swab sample and carry out the test. You will get the results in 24 hours. If you need the results earlier than 2hrs, then refer to our different express services.

People who have had close contact with a Covid-19 patient should also get an RT PCR T-test. The symptoms of Covid don’t appear the first few days after contact with a Covid positive patient. To be safe, you must get a Covid test soon after your contact with them. 

If you have attended any large social gatherings or visited a crowded area, then get a Covid test done. As the virus can quickly spread in a crowded location, you will be more prone to contracting the virus.

PCR tests compared to other diagnostic methods

The PCR test creates numerous copies of DNA from a single strand. The goal of creating multiple copies is that it can be used for multiple testing. Multiple tests such as infection identification or sequencing can guarantee the result of the test.

If we compare it to other testing methods, then it comes out as the winner because it provides accurate results in less time. Other testing methods may be less accurate and require more time to produce results as compared to PCR travel tests. That is why the PCR test is considered the gold standard and is used commonly amongst hospitals and private labs to detect the Covid-19 virus.

If you are departing from Seychelles, then you must need a ‘Fit to Fly certificate. We at Seychelles Medical can provide you with this certificate if your Covid test comes out negative. Our team will visit your hotel to take your swab sample and send it to the lab for testing. We aim to produce the test results as soon as possible and deliver them to you. Highly trained medical professionals are working tirelessly at Seychelles Medicals to provide instant and precise test results.

The PCR travel test is considered to be the Gold Standard in diagnostic testing.

The PCR technology is the benchmark among the various diagnostic testing methods. It is used in detecting the Covid virus, and it provides highly accurate results. In theory, it can detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus with a single copy obtained from the sample.

The chance of a false-positive result is extremely low in the case of the PCR test. It is a highly sensitive test that can produce correct results even with a low concentration of the target. Getting a PCR test for travel is ideal as multiple targets in test design produce more confidence in the case of a correct diagnosis.

Safety measure to follow in public if you develop symptoms

If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, you should follow safety measures until you undergo a PCR test and treat the symptoms according to the test results.

Self-isolation is a must to stop spreading the virus to other people. Limit yourself to unnecessary contact if you have trouble breathing.
Practice social distance by staying in a specific room and avoid going outside. Make sure you don’t come in contact with animals as well.

Wear a facemask when you are around other people while visiting the medical center. Cover your cough and sneezes with tissues and dispose of them in a lined trash can.

Clean your hands more often with an alcohol-based sanitizer or with soap and water. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth if you are outside and if you did not wash your hands. Use soap and water, preferably to wash your hands.

All high-traffic surfaces around you in your home should be cleaner with spray sanitizer frequently. High-traffic surfaces such as toilets, phones, tablets, tables, tabletops, doorknobs, and counters can spread the virus as it comes in contact with many people frequently.

Avoid sharing personal household items with your family members, and make sure to clean them as soon as you use them.

When should you get a Covid-19 test?

It is necessary to get a negative Covid-19 PCR test certificate before traveling abroad by air. Major countries of the world will not permit you to enter without a negative Covid-19 result.
RT PCR test is advisable if symptoms such as fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing last for more than the usual period of common cold and fever. Some of the other health issues which are a common symptom of Covid-19 are sore throat, fatigue, mucous formation, running nose, muscle pain, loss of taste or loss of smell. If you experience these symptoms and fever and cough, you should isolate yourself and get an RT PCR test as soon as possible.

You must also get a PCR test after exposure to a Covid-19 positive patient. Once you get the test, you will be able to follow medication according to the PCR swab test result.

Benefits of RT PCR test

RT PCR test is the most effective testing method that hospitals and laboratories used frequently to detect the Covid-19 virus. It has the edge over other forms of Covid-19 testing because of its various advantages.

  • It is a highly efficient procedure with great precision with increased sensitivity and specificity.
  • The medical staff has experience with the robust technique of the RT PCR test.
  • We process a considerable number of samples together.
  • The chances of getting a false positive or a false negative result are minimum through an RT PCR test.
  • It has become the gold standard for detecting Covid-19 viruses. 
  • The process of collecting a swab sample for the test is minimally invasive.

Book online to save up to 15% - PCR travel test

The scenario of international travel has completely changed since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Countries have imposed strict safety for arrival and departures. Getting a PCR test for travel purposes is a mandatory requirement for traveling by air.

Get a PCR test for traveling abroad from our laboratory in Seychelles as you need a negative PCR test result to enter any country. We issue acceptable results by Seychelles authorities for PCR testing and ANTIGEN testing. With our results, you can get a “Fit to travel” certificate that will be accepted everywhere.
Everyone traveling from Seychelles, including infants and children, must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate from an accredited laboratory such as ours, regardless of vaccination status. We collect samples of the PCR test within 72 hours before arrival and departure.

Don’t worry about visiting our laboratory for testing, as we will visit the hotels you are staying in to collect the required sample.

Private PCR test process & ANTIGEN test

We provide the PCR test as well as the ANTIGEN test at our fully licensed laboratory in Seychelles. In case of an RT PCR home test, our officials will come to your home to perform the test. We maintain the highest standards for collecting, storing and testing samples to ensure the accuracy of every test we perform in our lab.

We take the sample of your nasal or throat swab back to our laboratory. In the laboratory, we check for coronavirus RNA present in the swab; if it is present, then we convert into DNA. We produce many copies of the viral DNA so that we can use it to produce a measurable result.
An RT PCR test is the most accurate test, which helps deliver accurate results. The accuracy of the test also depends on factors such as the collection and maintenance of the sample and during which stage of illness did we perform the test.

We follow the best practices of collecting and storing the sample at our laboratory to deliver accurate and quick PCR test results. The ANTIGEN test service is also available in our laboratory at Seychelles Medical.

Get the result of your PCR test in 24 hours.

Covid-19 infection rate is on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic. Countries all over the world follow safety measures to control the spread of the virus. The importance of testing and isolating has been acknowledged by all governments worldwide.

A PCR test is the ideal test to detect the Covid-19 virus. At Seychelles Medical, we provide the service of RT PCR (reverse-transcription PCR) testing. This is the most reliable test, as it has the ability to detect even a single virus particle from the swabs taken from the nose or mouth.

We have a fully licensed laboratory with international accreditations for Covid-19 testing in Seychelles. The RT PCR test result will be available in 24 hours after collecting the swab sample from your nose or mouth.